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Blockchain is specific type of database and gets its name from storing blocks together that are then chained together. When a freshly created block is created and filled with data, it is chained with the previous block which arranges the blocks of data in chronological order. With its primary focus of recording and distributing digital information, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin rely on its inherently secure technology to be used as an immutable ledger.


Token Distribution

Pancakeswap & Trade Platforms
Development & marketing

Defi Funding Pool

What sets us apart from others is that, not only do we offer all the features of the most popular decentralized exchanges, but we offer unique liquidity opportunities and incentives. As a sender you will be funding our GCC liquidity pool to convert to our GCC token. Once converted, receivers in the pool will only get 50% exchanged token value, while the balance of the deposit will be burned automatically, thus creating value due to scarcity. Once funded the sender will be awarded with our minted token based on their daily volume.

Social network

We believe in harnessing the power of social economics and its effects on bringing value to both users and our company. When using our app you can earn daily rewards simply by advertising GCC. Earn up to 50% of our profits every day for using and paying with GCC token.

Global Adsense

Want to create another revenue stream from your website? By joining our publisher network, earn rewards in GCC simply by advertising our token in your website. Just copy and paste our script into your website and watch your earnings rise! As an incentive to use our Global Adsense platform, we allow you to set your own price so don’t wait and submit your ads to start earning right away!

Virtual mining

New GCC tokens are being minted all the time. Now you can be a part of this process by mining GCC tokens with ease.


Tired of being a victim and losing out on the relentlessly volatile crypto market? Hedge against wild price fluctuations by investing in our highly secure decentralized applications (Dapp) while earning rewards just by using our platform. Along with providing security through our community derived liquidity pools, you can also earn additional GCC tokens while playing your favorite casino games.

Our Promises

We’ve built an economy based around the usage of our GCC token. Our unique approach on minimizing risk of market turbulence allows you to earn more GCC through transactions in our casino and games. This system of transactions and gaming creates a positive feedback loop where the token increases in value over time as more transactions are being made. Our allegiance is with our community of users and we put our users first. Our users are the basis of GCC’s strength and as the community grows, GCC becomes more stable and our innovations in financial technology grows as a well.


As a personal promise to the Global Crypto Coin community, we promise never to manipulate the value of the token. We have mechanisms in place where it is not possible to pump up the price and dump it like we see so much in the crypto space today.


We put our community first here at GCC. With our innovative fintech modules we actively work towards strengthening the GCC ecosystem by utilizing our tokens within our games, casino, applications, liquidity pool, and community.

High Interest

Scarcity is an important aspect generated through our liquidly pool within our GCC economy. Receivers, which act as liquidity providers, will earn GCC tokens when funds are entered into the liquidity pool. 50% of it is kept while the remaining 50% is burned automatically. Since the supply actually decreases the more this happens, the supply becoming limited, creates scarcity which ultimately leads to a higher valued GCC token.


1st Quarter
  • Design and creation of the Global Crypto Coin
  • BSC Scan listing completed
  • List token on major exchanges such as Coin Market Cap and Coingecko
  • Create community and market interest
2nd Quarter
  • Expand GCC’s availability into additional crypto directories and exchanges
  • Major updates on contracts and website
3rd Quarter
  • GCC Swap projected initiated
  • Fundraising for charity project launch
  • Marketing in full swing
4th Quarter
  • Additional content in development

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Global Crypto Coin

GCC was built with the community in mind. With wild price fluctuations in the crypto market today, we established a community where, as a member of our unique ecosystem, you can earn through various avenues in our platform which include liquidity pools, advertising, games, and through our casino. Our tokens are burned on every funding transaction so you can rest assured that value is created when the volume of funding increases.





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